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Leadership Development - Leadership is a powerful force that has the ability to motivate and create, as well as to demoralize and destroy.  Success will come to those organizations that have leadership that can be adaptive – a leader who is innovative and embodies strong transformational leadership skills. Achievement of these competencies requires a leadership development plan.

  • Incorporate leadership values, such as those found in transformational and servant leaders into daily activities, organizational culture and the development of personal leadership development plans.  
  • Work with individuals and organizations on integrating innovation and establishing new business models to achieve organizational improvement. 
  • Enhance group communications, team building and coaching skills in support of organizational growth and change management activities.

Organizational Development – Organizations exist in much the same manner as biological organisms, adapting and changing to survive and become fitter.  Organizational change can be evolutionary or revolutionary, and best occurs through the active and positive engagement of its members.

  • Work with organizations in evaluating the relationships between technology, structure, and behavior in organizational settings.
  • Conduct organizational assessments, identify problems, and develop intervention plans. 
  • Enhance organizational capabilities to develop and employ creative, adaptive, and flexible business approaches.

Strategic Development – Strategic development is a key element of successful organizations.  It serves to position an organization to succeed in an ever-changing and uncertain operating environment and allows the organization to maintain a competitive advantage. 

  • Support development of a strategic plan and implementation strategy.
  • Conduct analysis to identify organizational strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  • Identify business development opportunities and develop capture plans.
  • Support and/or identify, develop, and win new, strategically important business opportunities.
  • Support and/or conduct development of new business strategies, market analysis, and methods for marketing

Grant Writing – Sextant Strategic Consulting can provide assistance with the development of creative ideas, grant writing, budget preparation, and also to provide an understanding of key terms used by organizations making grants.

  • Compile, write, and edit grant applications.
  • Gather information to support grant proposals.
  • Develop or assist in developing measures of effectiveness for grant proposals.
  • Work with organization to align organizational goals/objectives with grant opportunities.
  • Research grant-making organizations and identify likely funding sources.

Areas of Expertise

  • Analytic Research
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Crisis Management
  • Change Management
  • Team Building


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  • Firehorse Solutions, LLC


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